Skin Care

Exclusive Treatments    
Beyond Bliss Facial
A customized treatment to hydrate and improve
tone, texture, and elasticity.  This is a great intro
to skincare or an ongoing support treatment.  60 min.
Cocoa Skindulgence
A hydrating anti-oxidant treatment using cocoa
butter infused with orange and vanilla extracts,
finished with an edible chocolate fondue.  75 min.
Simply White Brightening Treatment
Powerful ingredients deeply penetrate to lighten
and brighten skin tone, diminish
hyperpigmentation and dark spots for radiant,
smooth and even skin.  75 min.
Advanced Acne Treatments    
Detox Acne Facial
An advanced skin care consultation, deep cleanse,
extractions, and high frequency are the beginning
to clear, healthy skin.  75 min.
Active Acne Facial
Take the next step in your treatment with a deep
cleanse, mandelic acid peel, extractions, high
frequency and pluse massage.  75 min.
Intensive Acne Facial
When more intense treatment is necessary
this treatment provides the deep cleanse,
mandelic acid peel, extractions, high frequency
pulse massage, and lymph drainage required
for clear skin.  90 min.
Acne Support Facial
Maintain your clear skin with this deep cleansing
treatment that includes a combined acid peel,
extractions, pluse massage and lymph
drainage.  50 min.
Back Acne Facial
Clarify bacne with this deep cleansing treatment
that includes extractions, high frequency,
and dremal scrub.  50 min.
Teen Acne Facial
Deep cleansing, extractions, high frequency, and a
skin care lesson is the start of clear healthy skin.
Designed for ages 11-17.  75 min.
Specialized Treatments    
Bilberry Quench Care
This deep treatment strengthens sensitive, reactive,
and fragile skin types.  Bilberry and Vitamin C are
used to calm redness and irritation while providing
moisture.  75 min.
Rejuvenating Radiance Therapy
Fight the signs of aging, fine lines, and
wrinkles with a ritual that integrates a naturally
derived anti-aging complex to restore radiance
and firmness to the skin.  75 min.
Acne Detox Packages    
Active - 1 Detox + 3 Active   $360
Intensive - 1 Detox + 3 Intensive   $435
Support - 1 Detox + 3 Support   $330
Back - 3 Back Facials   $195 - $225
Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - 15-30min.   $25+
Breakout Blaster    
Milia Extraction    
Microdermabrasion - add on to any facial for $25 or book an
intensive treatment for $60-$75